Ritual items

Our beautiful ritual objects are all praiseworthy of honoring G-ds commandments.   Judaica used for ritual purposes is refers to an array of objects used by Jews for ritual purposes. Enhancing a mitzvah by performing it with an especially beautiful object is considered a praiseworthy way of honoring G-d's commandments. Under our largest category of Jewish Ritual items, it includes mezuzah cases, candles, candleholders, challah covers, wash cups, matchbox holders, Kiddush cups along with other items associated with Shabbat.

In each of the categories we showcase many American artists such as: Quest Collection, Faye Miller Shardz, Gary Rosenthal, Sarah Beames, Is Art, Seeka, Tamara Baskin and Source 4 Judaica.  Our collection of mezuzahs is incredible, each case a miniature piece of art. The vivid color combinations used in fused glass to the sleek clean lines of metal and wood cases. Candleholders are a traditional gift for the Bat Mitzvah girl, now that she can lead Friday night service.

Look at our hand painted and richly embroidered challah covers.  Kiddush cups are another traditional gift for the Bar Mitzvah student. We are seeing a trend away from silver plate and the move towards pewter finish and glass in this category. A thoughtful and useful hostess gift is a matchbox holder; decorative and functional.  Yarmulkes, kipa, kippahs or just a “jewish hat”….we have you covered! Our extensive collection encompasses all shapes and sizes (extra large for “follicly challenged”) to tiny with strings for baby.

Kippot is available in velvet, knit, suede, satin and leather. Our beaded wire kipot can be custom ordered in any color you need and are beautiful…see for yourself! Hey “lefties”..you have not been “left out” by us.  We carry yads made especially for you.  Yads in sterling silver or enamel on pewter, they are all lovely and make a great Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift.  Jewish law tells us we need to provide for charity. Starting young ones early to perform this mitzvah is important.  Whether you give a tzedakah box as a gift or have one set out in your home a tzedakah box is an essential Judaica item to have.  We have cute ceramic youthful themed boxes, traditional wood, metal and glass from Tamara Baskin and Rosenthal as well as jewel studded ornate ones from Seeka and Quest Gifts.