Candles and Candle Holders

"The soul of man is the candle of G-d." Like a human soul, flames must breath, change, grow, strive against the darkness and, ultimately, fade away". Book of Proverbs (chapter 20 verse 27):

A lit candle is one of the oldest symbols of the spirit.  If you’ve ever looked into a burning flame you know that it is near to impossible to do so and not turn inward in a moment of silent contemplation. Many of the traditions of the Jewish faith revolve around the lighting of candles as a sacred act of dedication and remembrance.  You will find our candles divided by function and practice.  Many of the candles we carry are produced in Israel, and are still formed in the art of ancient candle making.


When purchasing more than 6 memorial candles, 4 boxes of Chanukah candles or decorative Shabbat candles and 2 boxes of 72 Shabbat candles.

The Havdalah Service:

In Jewish liturgy, the Havdalah ceremony acts as a catalyst between the sacred and the ordinary, representing the transition that must be made mentally from the holy Shabbat to the rest of the days of the week, when more worldly concerns press upon us. One of the earliest blessings in Jewish tradition, the Havdalah service begins with a collection of verses that praise G-d for being the source of many salvations. A cup of wine is poured until overflowing, and a braided Havdalah candles is lit.  The introductory verses of the ceremony are usually read by one person and include readings from Psalms, Isaiah, and the Megillah, or the Book of Esther.  Oftentimes the entire group will recite the following from the Megillah: “The Jews were of light, joy, gladness, and preciousness.”  It is our hope on Havdalah that this statement will still be so.  Peruse through our collection of braided Havdalah candles that are formed in a variety of lengths and colors.

Chanukah / Hanukkah Candles:

Lighting the menorah is a symbolic and wondrous ritual.  On the first night of Chanukah, blessings are recited and the first candle is placed in the menorah in the spot furthest to the right.  On each successive night another candles is added to the menorah, adding candles from right to left, but lighting them from left to right, using the shamash to light each wick.  The addition of light with each successive night symbolizes the greatness and growth of the miracle that occurred so many years ago.

We have a colorful and practical selection of Chanukah candles at Judaica Specialties!  Notice how Chanukah candles have evolved: they come in a variety of colors and textures, and you can find weaved or swirled candles, beeswax and even dripless candles! You’ll be delighted to learn about Chanukah candles holders: place them in the vessels on your menorah and they will capture the wax from dripping on to the menorah (or your tablecloth)! Twisted beeswax candles carry the sweet scent of honey and are beautiful to admire.

Shabbat Candles:

The mitzvah of lighting Shabbat candles (Hadlakat Haneirot) is a ritual of great solemnity and joy.  As we give light to the wicks before sunset on Friday evening, we are leaving the cares of the world behind and entering into a sacred space in our minds and hearts.  As we light these candles and recite blessings in either English or Hebrew, we are setting the bounds of the Shabbat and declaring this a holy time.  Before the lighting of the candles it is customary to clean house, prepare a special meal, bathe, and dress in respectable clothing.  In our selection of Shabbat candles you will find a variety of pure white candles in different widths and lengths, as well as a glass candle for liquid paraffin.

Memorial Candles:

Yahrzeit is a poignant practice of memorializing a loved one after his or her passing.  On the eve of the death of a loved one, we light a memorial candle that should burn for 24 hours.  The flickering of the candle’s flame reminds us of the transitory nature of our souls, as well as the verse that reads “the soul of man is the light of G-d” (Proverbs 20:27).  Memorialize your loved ones who have passed on with these significantly beautiful memorial candles. Remember to also take a look at our Memorial Lights section.



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