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Admit it: you love to spoil’em!  Whether you’re a Mama or a Bubbie, those precious little babies of yours might give you a run for your money, but at the end of the day they can turn your frown upside down with the simplest of gestures or words.  Look through our selection of all types of gifts for children from infant through the toddler years.A beautiful baby blessing, night lightare wonderful accessorizes for the baby’s room.   Our blessings include; pewter wall hangings, framed art from Caspi and glass plates from Tamara Baskin. A baby kiddush cup, silver spoon and bris pillow make lovely gifts for the little one too!  When it’s time to nosh, offer your little one an adorable bib or even their own placement and dish collection.  They’ll love a dreidel sippy cup for their milk or a dancing bear mug for hot cocoa. Set their little tables with Jewish meal time melamine dish sets and top it off with an Alef Bet placemat.  

Expand your child’s intellect and artistic sensibilities by instating craft time as well as play time at home!  What better way to do that, then incorporating Jewish toys and crafts?  To improve on dexterity and hand eye coordination we have lace up puzzles. Puzzles require toddlers to think and develop different approaches to achieve a single goal, and themes can be helpful to reinforce basics like alphabets, numerals, animals, fruits and much more.  

What young child doesn’t like a play and bake date with their parent? Whether it’s play dough or cookie dough we have Jewish symbol cookie cutters to you master that task. Looking for a birthday present for your favorite boy or girl?  We’ve got the cutest of cuddly plush Jewish toys like our Hanukkah Bears, Shalom Bears, plush menorahs, plush torahs and even plush hamentashen.  Some even play music and light up! Cuddle up with your kiddos and read them a bedtime story about Chanukah, Shabbat, Passover, or the Aleph Bet!   

Kiddush cups and pewter blessings abound, perfect for the nursery!  For a baby’s bris, offer a cute-as-a-button baby kippah; for older tots offer an adorable Hanukkah baby tees and adorable tutu’s for the princess in our little girls.  with expressions such as: “Got Gelt” baby tee, "Love you a Lat-ka" and more. Of course it’s never little girls are never too young to start liking and wanting bling like mom…so we have a selection of jewelry just for young ones too!  

Last but not least – don’t forget to place a unique kid-friendly mezuzah case on your tykes bedroom door. We have those featuring racecars, balloons, ballet shoes, clowns, spaceships and sport themed cases! We have more sophisticated pieces by Gary Rosenthal for the pre-adolescent and Bar Mitzvah child. Start them young with the excitement Hanukkah brings getting their own menorah.  Our selection includes race cars, baseball, bears, trucks, castles and more.  

Take a ride on a ceramic train menorah or celebrate the tie-breaking goal with a soccer menorah! And it’s not too early to have your child learn the importance of tzedakah.  They can contribute and save their coins for charity having their own tzedakah box in their room. No matter what you pick, you’ll have fun looking through Judaica Specialties web catalog finding the perfect Jewish gift!



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