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L’ Shanah Tovah!  

Rosh Hashanah 2022

begins Sunday, September 25th at sunset ends Tuesday, September 27th at nightfall

On Rosh Hashanah it is customary to greet people with "L'Shanah Tovah," which is Hebrew that is usually translated as "For a Good Year" or "May you have a good year."  If you are still practice the tradition of sending “real cards” you have come to the right place.  Symbols of Rosh HaShanah include apples, honey and round loaves of challah.  We carry a beautiful selection of fused glass apple and honey dishes from artists Tamara Baskin, Sarah Beames and Gary Rosenthal. 

We personally love our ceramic apple and honey salt and pepper shakers which make a wonderful hostess gift. Apple slices dipped in honey represent our hope for a sweet new year and are traditionally accompanied by a short prayer before eating that goes: "May it by Thy will, O Lord, Our God, to grant us a year that is good and sweet." Challah, which is usually baked into braids, is shaped into round loaves of bread on Rosh HaShanah. The circular shape symbolizes the continuation of life.  To celebrate the New Year, is it time to update your challah cover?  We have some beauties!

To keep the kids engaged how about getting them an easy reading book or Rosh Hashana puzzle?  And for the littlest one, so not to have the honey dripping on their holiday best, don’t forget a bib!






This silverplate pomegranate was cleverly designed with a recessed hole to hold a small glass jar of..

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