Home & Party Items

The Jewish home and family life is an important part of cultural tradition.  Memories are made there with each celebration and life cycle event.  At Judaica Specialties we have an array of home décor items for every room, celebration and holiday to make your home your special sanctuary.  

Let’s start with a room which seems to be everyone’s favorite…. of course…it’s the kitchen. Just thinking of the smell of kugel in the oven, the oil from the latkes and the aroma of matzah ball soup simmering on the stove makes me hungry. So to keep our kosher cook happy supply her or him with the Jewish kitchen essentials.  We carry novelty aprons, mitts, pot holders, Jewish spreaders, towels, trivets, placemats and more!  Accessorize any room in your home with lovely prints from Mickie Caspi, gorgeous framed prints from Rueven Mazel or Brache Levee.

If you are having a party…you’ve come to the right place for party supplies!  We have a large assortment of Jewish balloons, confetti, ribbon, gift wrap and Jewish centerpieces. Even though we send “instant” everything, tweet, blog and pin our thoughts, don’t you still get excited receiving something (besides junk mail) in your mailbox?  Judaica Specialties still carries cards; and we have them for all sorts of occasions; Jewish New Year, Hanukkah, Conversion, engagement and generic Judaica…not to mentions scrapbook paper and accessories.