Jewish Decorations -Party

Are you trying to finding those little extra “something” for your Oneg, Kiddush luncheon or your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah party?  Do you want to have your guests asking where did you get those “Oh, so perfect party decorations and favors?”  Go ahead…….please tell them!!  Judaica Specialties will help make your next event even more special.  Not sure about something?  Do you want to bounce some of your ideas around?  Ask our customer service representatives for some advise, they are always happy to offer suggestions and guidance.    We’ve been doing this a long time and trust us; this in not our first Bar or Bat Mitzvah!

One of our best selling items is the foil Star of David cascade; put one in the center of each table and instantly you have changed the mood from ordinary to festive! Don’t forget the confetti.  How can something so tiny do so much to add zest and sparkle?  It goes a long way, and best of all ……’s inexpensive. We offer over 10 different types and color combinations of just confetti; including Stars of David, dreidels and Mazel Tov!  Coordinate your plates, cups and napkins for a totally pulled together look!  We are always finding new Judaic patterns that come in many different colors, not just in blue!

Balloons are another way of jazzing up a room. Select from latex and mylar balloons, with Mazel Tov, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Happy Hanukkah, or balloons in the shape of a Star of David.  Try mixing a combination of mylar and latex balloons to make a lovely bouquet.  How to inflate them?  Helium tanks can be purchased at your local party store for approximately $10.00-$20.00.  Using helium to inflate your balloons allows for maximum float time. 

Every Bar or Bat (especially the Bat Mitzvah!) loves having a sign in board at his/her celebration.  Tell us your theme and we are sure to have a design for you.  There are so many different designs available we can’t feature all of them on the site.  We are certain to have something for you!  After hours of celebrating doesn’t it feel good to take your shoes off?  Start a few hours early by slipping on a pair of personalized Bar or Bat Mitzvah socks and let the music play on!  Wearing socks make dancing……..oh so much more comfortable!  

Judaica Specialties’ selection of Hanukkah goodies (and gelt) is second to none. From the convenience of your computer (no need to spend money on gas) you can do one-stop shopping here at Judaica Specialties.  The dreidel paddles, kaleidoscopes and puzzles are the top sellers; but we keep finding new trinkets each year!  Sorry, we don’t have too many dreidels made out of clay, but our extensive collection includes plenty of kid friendly wooden, plastic, and funky styles to choose from. 

So enough talking already…………..go shop and see for yourself!!