Scrapbooking/ Cards / Stationery

Wait!  Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman! In this electronic era we spend so much time sending off notes with a few tap-tap-taps and a click, wouldn’t it be nice to call upon those golden old days when we put a little more thoughtfulness into our correspondence?

How sweet it is to find settled upon one’s bills and subscription magazines a brightly colored, hand-written card!  Whether you want to wish a cheerful Happy Birthday, a Mazel Tov upon his great Bat Mitzvah, Happy Chanukah, Get Well Soon, or Thank You, Judaica Specialties has the perfect card for you.  Choose from a selection of cards that boast metal embossment or silken ribbon, paper cutout figures or cartoon illustrations.  If you’re more of a do-it-yourself-er, check out our supply of fresh stationery pages, which await the graceful lyricism of your own heartfelt words!  So go ahead and pick one out today; just a few more tap-tap-taps and a click and you’ll be ready to pick up that pen!