Jewish Kitchen Items

Mmm….what’s cookin’, good-lookin? Whether preparing for a Seder or having family Shabbat we know quite a few nice Jewish girls who can run circles around the most Martha Stewart-like shiskas!  Is your kitchen is a place of warmth and comfort, the central space in which family gathers to gobble and gossip?  Or do you find yourself standing at the sink, lacking inspiration, colder than the frozen chicken in the freezer?  Dive into our divinely distinctive Jewish Kitchen Collection where you will find doilies, spatulas, bakeware and other little tchotes that will add a little festivity and charm to even the coolest of kitchens.

Our oven mitts, potholders, and of course aprons are necessities for every chef: they come in matzah designs, Judaic patterns and of course, a cheerful Chanukah pattern!  Choose from colorful embroidered towels boasting menorah and matzahs to add some jubilation to every kitchen (an added bonus: most can double as powder room accents)!  Our whimsical matzah ball and dreidel timers will allow you to laugh and lighten your step while you make sure you have timed everything to perfection. As the final moments of your kitchen adventure come to a close, you’ll be ready to start decorating and setting the table.  To aid you in party preparations, we have a wide selection of table runners, tablecloths, place card holders, placemats, cloth and paper napkins, and napkin rings.  Once you’re ready to nosh, we have spreader sets with bagels, Dreidels, Judaic symbols and even Mah Jongg tiles that will make every shmear of cream cheese a delight to your aesthetic palate as well as your appetite!  With the help of our Jewish Kitchen Collection you’ll soon be the most k’velen cook on the block!



Packed in attractive gift box, tied with blue and white ribbon, this is a perfect gift for the hoste..

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