Jewish Jewelry

Welcome to Judaica Specialties’ Jewish Jewelry Box! Here you’ll find an assortment of lovely adornments that will absolutely charm your socks off! Each piece showcases one or more of the most spectacular Judaic symbols: Stars of David, divine Hamsa hands, Chai , the symbol of life and Menorahs. The creativity of artesian never ceases to amaze us, don't over look our novelty Jewish necklace category, where you will see interesting interpretations of traditional symbols, all making captivating trinkets for you to own or give as a gift.

Spend a little time perusing our collection of ravishing bracelets, many of which consist of multiple Judaic charms interspersed with colorful glass beads. You’ll be enchanted by the oceanic elegance of our Roman glass and Eliat stone necklaces, though you can never go wrong with sterling silver!  If you’re looking for a little more bling bling but don’t want to drop so much cash, stop off at our marcasite and costume necklaces section.  Or enjoy a little mystical magic in our Kabbalastone section, and learn what your destiny number is!  Now that your wrists and throat are adequately ornamented, don’t forget to sneak a peak at our earrings!  Bedazzle yourself with a stunning array of dangling beauties crafted to showcase the symbolic.  Choose from gold and silver, elaborate and minimalist.  And attention gentlemen!  While you’re agonizing over the perfect gift for that lovely lady in your life, take a moment to glance over our Men’s Jewelry section, which boasts a unique selection of masculine necklaces.  Here you’ll find a plethora of symbols that strength and character:  choose from variations on the Star of David, Chai charms, a silver mezuzah case, and a sterling silver charm in the shape of the nation of Israel!  Don’t forget to take a peek at our Sale Items; you might just find the perfect piece at a more than perfect price.