When it comes to Kippot, we’ve got it covered!  The Kipah, or Yarmulke, is a traditional Jewish head covering, a reverential and beautiful addition to one’s festive garb.  Today Kippot are saved for the most special Simcha.  Our wide selection of Kippot will allow you to pick the most personalized kipah you can find!  Choose from a variety of fabrics and colors: we have everything from velvet to satin, leather to knit, black to gold lame!

Have a look for our New York Kipah that celebrates the lights of the Big Apple, and woven kippot that boast both the American and Israeli flags.  Notice the specialized colorful kippot just the right size and style for your toddling tots; we even carry baby kippot with satin strings to tie around their precious kippes!  He’ll love our sports collection, varying in type from our basketball, soccer ball, and baseball kippot to our Texas inspired “Hook’em Horns” kipah.  In our Women’s section you will find beaded wonders of light and color.  These kippot are fit for royalty; let her inner princess shine with these classy arrangements of bead and wire.  Most are shaped in the Star of David and are complemented by flower petals that burst forth in varying shades and colors. Be sure to notice our beautiful embroidered Russian kippot, each unique in its own color scheme and design. Planning on dishing out a few kippot as party favors?  Give us a call if you are interested in buying in bulk.  If you purchase five-dozen kippot or more, we will send them to you at a volume price!