Jewish Rituals items encompass cases for the mezuzah scroll, items for Shabbat; which include, candles, kiddush cups, havdalah, challah covers, plates, knives and kipot. We also carry novelty items such as matchbox covers. Shabbat is the Jewish Sabbath, celebrated every week from sundown on Friday to nightfall of Saturday.

Judaica Specialties carries over 500 mezuzah cases.  These cases are miniature pieces of art; which we find hard to resist!  Sleek minimalistic styles, classic traditional to ornately jeweled cases round the selection; so we are sure there is something for you.   We carry designers such as Quest, Shardz, Rosenthal, Beames, Is Art, Seeka, Tamara Baskin and Source 4 Judaica; each has there own distinct style.  Tamara Baskin and Sarah Beames masterly uses fused glass. Rosenthal is the specialist in metal art.  Shardz’s hand blown pieces encapsulate the broken glass from the wedding ceremony into a treasured keepsake. Seeka does an amazing job of combining intricate detail and beautiful design.  Quest's dedication to detail with all her enameled pieces is second to none as far as quality.

The start of shabbat begins with the lighting of the candles.  Before dinner is served there is Kiddush over wine and a blessing is said over the bread. We have variety of candleholders that include brass, glass, metal and even electric.  Candleholders are a traditional gift usually given to the Bat Mitzvah so that she can carry the tradition as she grows up.  Kiddush cups are a traditional bar mitzvah gift.  Out of respect for G-d, men wear kippahs at shabbat dinner.  More religious men wear them as part of their daily dress. Let me tell you…we have men, women and children “covered” in this category.  Tradition knit in classic colors to vibrant bright colors (especially popular in the sun-belt and western US) as well as kid friendly motifs on velvet and suede.

Havdalah(Hebrew for “separation”) marks the end of Shabbat. There are three important components of havdalah.  Spice is used as a ‘spiritual smelling salt” It is meant to revive us as our soul leaves when shabbat is over.  Havdalah candle which is longer and braided. The flame of the candle symbolizes the separation between the spiritual world and the material world. A blessing is said that uses the distinction between Shabbat and the rest of the week.  Most of us use a challah cover, but do you know why we cover the bread?  I had to look that one up…and this is what I found “There is a hierarchy that regulates the order in which we recite blessings and eat various foods. Generally, the seven foods with which the land of Israel is praised—wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates7—take priority over other foods. In the event that one is eating two or more of these foods, they are eaten in the order that they are mentioned in the Torah.  Since grain is mentioned before grapes, it would follow that the bread should be eaten before the wine. We cover the bread (“wheat”) in order that it not be “shamed” by the fact that we drink the kiddush wine (“grapes”) before we partake of the challah.”  Now we all know. Yad Pointer is a long stick capped by a small hand with its index finger pointing from it that helps you point to the words and follow the text while reading the Torah. Hey, lefties, we carry styles for you as well!