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Encapsulate the shards from the ceremonial breaking of the glass and save your memories that will be treasured forever. The shards from the wedding day can now be transformed into a significant piece of art. The shards are permanently enclosed in a mezuzah case, picture frame, or kiddush cup.


Purchasing one of the items involves the following steps:


  1. Purchase the item; mezuzah, kiddush cup, or picture frame
  2. Select one of the colorful hand-blown glasses or use a glass you already have for the wedding
  3. After the wedding, send the glass shards back to us in the canvas provided from the purchased glass. The glass shards are then crushed and encased permanently into the piece you have selected
  4. 14-16 weeks later you will receive a truly magnificent keepsake to cherish for years to come. 

The process of having the shards incorporated in the artwork takes 3-4 months from the time we receive the shards from you. Glass Art from Shardz absolutely guarantees that the glass shards you send them from the wedding ceremony will be the same ones they place in your piece.

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