Tzedakah Boxes

“Tzedkah and acts of kindness are the equivalent of all the mitzvoth of the Torah”- Jerusalem Talmud, Pe’ah 1:1. Most Jewish homes have a tzedkah box.  Putting coins in the box and bringing the savings to Hebrew school or synagogue is a ritual act of doing good and helping others.

Tzedakah boxes are also known as charity boxes.  From our experience, they are an extremely popular Bar and Bat Mitzvah gift.  The artist ones from Judaic artist Gary Rosenthal are all best sellers at Judaica Specialties. Gary’s boxes primarily are hand-crafted metal.  He sometimes adds fused glass to his pieces and does gold screening on the glass with specific themes, ie: Wedding, Woman of Valor, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Baby naming etc.

Tamara Baskin, whose specialty is, fused glass combines vivid colored glass with aluminum to make stunning one-of-a-kind pieces. Her collection of themed tzedakah boxes include: Twelve Tribes, Jacob’s ladder, Ahava, Wedding along with contemporary designs. Tamara Baskin’s price point nears the $100.00 mark; we see her artist tzedakah boxes selling best as Jewish wedding gifts.

For all out stunning masterful tzedakah boxes you have Seeka and Quest.  Seeka’s forte is intricate laser cut metal artfully combined with crystals and beads make each and every box a unique creation. Quest’s area of expertise is in detailed enameled creations. Not everyone needs to spend a fortune on a tzedakah box. Our children’s collection of ceramic youthful themed boxes is the perfect new baby gift.  

We have tzedakah boxes that are trains, planes, trucks; some are themed with “creation and days at school” It’s never too early to teach our children about the importance of doing for others.  We have seen many organizations give tzedakah boxes as “thank-you’ for your service gifts.  Keep in mind we offer volume discounts for non-profits.  Many of our wooden boxes can accommodate customized plaques which make them a perfect item for events.