Jewish wedding

Mazel Tov! Judaica Specialties has wedding inspirations for the modern bride. We carry a wonderful selection of merchandise for the Jewish wedding ceremony, unique and beautiful Jewish wedding gifts and lifestyle trend ideas to make your wedding wow! Traditions are so important in the Jewish culture.  Whether you are specifically looking for a wedding gift, an item to be used at the wedding or a thoughtful anniversary gift, we think you will have success shopping with us at Judaica Specialties.

Starting the couple out with traditional ritual Jewish gifts gives them a head start to living a Jewish inspired life.  Our beautiful Jewish ceremonial objects demonstrate how important their Judaism is to them. Artistic Seder plates have been top selling wedding gift along with the exquisite kiddush cup from artist Steve Resnick.

Even if you’re not Jewish, everyone has the vision of the guy smashing “something” and screaming “Mazel Tov” at the end of the ceremony.  Well that something is called a “grooms glass” or “smash glass”.  Back in the day when your mother got married it was probably a light bulb….but not today.  Today brides can select an array of color glasses to break and have an even larger choice on the bag the glass comes in. We don’t want to brag; however we will and tell you we have over 40 choices to choose from. 

The premier gift that all brides want is Shardz; whether it is a mezuzah case or kiddush cup.  If it’s an interfaith couple, the Shardz picture frame is a nice combination of some Jewish tradition without “over-doing” it.  Keep in mind when purchasing a Shardz item the “start-to-finish” can take about 3-4 months.  So if you want something more immediate, we have those options too! Saving the “shards” and using them for “something” is also a trend.  Artists like Gary Rosenthal, Sarah Beames and Tamara Baskin offer mezuzah cases, wall art, sculptures and menorahs that already come with a tube in which you can put the broken glass in and “instantly” you have a treasured keepsake.

All artistic ketubahs are special order. We have relationships with all the ketubah artists and can get any ketubah you want.  The ketubah (Hebrew marriage contact) is read and rings are exchanged.  They are all more beautiful than the next.  Each artist offers custom calligraphy at an additional cost. If you find one on another site, let us know, we are sure our prices will be more competitive.  Lastly, as you view the categories you will see we have suggestions for bridesmaid gifts, groom’s gifts, wedding favors, kipot along with Jewish wedding frames, the “Mazel Cube” , wedding menorahs and Jewish jewelry.