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You’ll feel as though you’ve just begun to pen your own fairy tale when you celebrate and commemorate your marriage with this ornately detailed Ketubah. The script is surrounded by images of strength and beauty; roaring lions, blossoming roses, and warbling birds paint a symbolic picture of the marriage you are about to embark upon. Ketubah measures 12" x 18".

The said Bridegroom made the following declaration to this Bride: “Be thou my wife according to the law of Moses and Israel. I faithfully promise that I will be a true husband unto thee: I will honor and cherish thee: I will work for thee; I will protect for thee and support thee, and will provide all that is necessary for thy sustenance, as even as it beseemeth a Jewish husband to do. I will also take upon myself all such further obligations for thy maintenance as are prescribed by our religious statute. And the said Bride has plighted her troth unto him, in affection and in sincerity, and has thus taken upon herself the fulfillment of all the duties incumbent upon a Jewish wife. This Covenant of Marriage was duly executed and witnessed this day according to the usage of Israel.