Our wholesale discount works on a sliding scale off of our DISCOUNTED prices.  This means the discount (manually taken) will come directly off the total you see printed on your order. IF THE ITEM IS ALREADY ON SALE (a discount that reflects a percentage greater than 20%) we will use the discount which is greater. The shipping and handling fee WILL NOT be reflected on your order; shipping is the ACTUAL COST and handling is $8.00 for every 2 boxes.

NO discount under $150.00

Orders that total $151.00 -$350.00 will receive 10% off our discounted prices (this represents approximately 20%- 25% off of the MSRP)

Orders that total $351.00 - $600.00 will receive 15% off our discounted prices (this represents approximately 25% - 30% off of the MSRP)

Orders that total $601.00 - $900.00 will receive 20% off our discounted prices (this represents approximately 30% -35% off of the MSRP)

Orders that total more than $901.00 – and  will receive 25% off our discounted prices (this represents approximately 35% - 40% off of the MSRP)

If you are interested in a particular item and are purchasing a minimum quantity of 25 there are volume discounts available.  The discount varies depending on the item and its availability.

Are all products eligible for the wholesale discount?

Unfortunately, no; the items excluded are: Kosher parchments, Items with the “Regular price” of $5.00 or less, All custom products ie: Shardz, Wedding Cubes and personalized items.

How can I pay for my merchandise?

All discounted orders up to $300.00 can be paid by credit card. Discounted merchandise over $301.00 needs to be pre-paid by check/or money order.

How will the merchandise be shipped?

Depending which warehouse the merchandise is sent your packages will be sent through either UPS or the United States Postal Service. You are charged the actual cost from the carrier plus an additional $6.00 handling fee per box.

How do I get started?

Click here  to get started.  Please provide your organization's name, address, phone number, e-mail, contact information, and tax identification number.

- Browse through our site and make your order choices, by adding the quantity into the secure shopping cart.

- After you have made your selections, you can either Fill out the billing and shipping information on line, or print the order from your computer and fax it to us at (214) 774-4912.

How do I place a wholesale order?

Once we have contacted you and you have sent your tax id number to us you can begin ordering with us on-line. All discounted orders MUST BE PLACE THROUGH OUR SECURE SERVER; NO orders can be placed on the phone.


The prices you see on our site are retail prices and discounts are applied off of these prices.


After the discount has been applied to the merchandise the retail sale must be no less than $300.00.

International Fee:

All discounted merchandise that is paid by credit card with an address that is not in the United States will be subject to a 4% International Fee.